Welcome to Namaskara


Hi Yogis
Welcome to my website and my blog. I teach yoga and I also coach people who need a boost to their confidence and self-esteem. I thought I would talk a little about how my yoga and coaching overlap.
I always felt that when you start teaching yoga you are a coach as I constantly try to make people feel good about themselves. Do you go to yoga class and feel better or worse when you leave?
Yoga teaches us to find a little stillness in our everyday crazy lives.  We rush from one thing to another and rarely think about what we are doing in our hurry to get onto the next job or chore. We do not enjoy ourselves because there is no time. How often do you tell yourself or others, I would love to but there is not enough time?
Do you constantly tell your children that Mummy will play with you when she has just finished the cleaning, her work or her phone call and a lot of the time that never happens.  That stresses your children out as well.  When we turn up at class, we put down our mats and sit down and suddenly there is time. We attend to ourselves and as we follow the teacher’s instructions, life becomes a little more simple.  We watch how we feel, both in body and mind, how the asana might work for us today or not.  Perhaps if we are unable to balance at all, then we realise that our mind has become too scattered and we can breathe a little and calm ourselves and slowly it begins to happen.  It is like coming home.  When we leave, we are kinder to our partners, kids, colleagues.  We can smile again.  Try and bring this peace into the rest of your life, let it transform your life.
Yoga has done this for me and I was never a calm person.  I was always a sea of emotions inside and found it very difficult to relax.  When I take myself to my mat, I can feel my shoulders come down, my breathing return to normal as I breathe deeply.  Sometimes I just need to sit, take myself inwards and it feels like things are returning to their rightful place and I can breathe in – I calm my body, breathe out – I smile.  Perfect.
I am just going to talk about my thoughts and feelings on yoga and life coaching and their effects on my life and the life of others.  I look forward to seeing where this blog goes.
Love and light